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Don't Let Stick Pack Capacity Bottleneck Growth.

Stick Packs have been one of our core capabilities ever since the start of SCP we are passionate about this category and here’s what you need to know as a brand.

Running into road blocks?

Do you ever hear yourself saying this?
Stick packs would be great to offer but we don’t know where to start.
Our MFG lead times are too long and they are limiting our capacity.
I don’t want to deal with the headache of onboarding a new manufacturer.
We wish we could work directly with the manufacturer and not through a broker.
I want to reduce costs without increasing risk of bringing on a new supplier
Our manufacturer’s tooling limits what we can offer the market.

Bottlenecks are a nightmare. We hate them too. Let's remove them together.


As a CPG brand you need flexibility when it comes to your stick pack manufacturer.

Most manufacturers:

  • Dictate the size stick packs based on their equipment, limiting you as the brand.
  • Restrict your capacity and are unwilling to invest in capacity when you need it.
  • Have lead times that limit you from taking advantage of new opportunities.
  • Have limited tooling, seal patterns and easy tear options.
  • Don’t have the 3 keys we need to be successful – Quality, Scalability, and Responsiveness.

At SCP we invested in flexible tooled automated machines which allow us to offer virtually any size stick pack.

Our tooling sizes include 23 mm, 26 mm, 35 mm, and up to 41 mm all on 10 lane machines. Ever wonder what size stick pack is right for you? Check out Ben breakdown the most popular sizes.

Which allows you as the brand to manage one manufacturer for all of your stick pack products.

You want a special seal pattern, perforation, tapered seal, laser scored easy opening? No problem. We have the different tooling required to satisfy virtually any customization you want to differentiate your brand.

We have powder blending capacity in-house so you don’t have to manage multiple vendors. Steuart can manage the project from start to finish.

Scalable Capacity

As a growing brand you need someone who can take your proven concept from a reasonable starting quantity to scale to millions of servings per month.

Opportunities won’t wait for your manufacturer to catch up, you need a partner who can be flexible and adaptive to your needs.

Need dedicated line capacity – Ask us about our Dedicated Line Capacity Program and never worry about production capacity again.

Through our Line Partnership Program – brands can scale their capacity specific to their volume and product needs.

Manufacturing for Brands sold at

Why Stick packs?

Consumers love stick packs, they are convenient, are environmentally friendly as they reduce a lot of waste, and they make your product easier to share and take on the go.

Stick packs are here to stay, more and more brands are moving to them because consumers want those single serve benefits.

Not only that they offer a premium look to a brand, are easy to sell both at retail and ecommerce and offer your brand a way to introduce a lower price point and variety packs.

Stick packs are an established format and is expected to grow by 70% by 2032 worldwide.

What kind of products can we package in stick packs?

  • Electrolytes / Hydration
  • Collagen
  • Colostrum
  • Protein Powder
  • Pre-biotics
  • Fiber
  • Instant Coffee
  • Supplement Powders
  • Greens
  • Pre workout
  • And More!

Want to start a new product development for a powder in Stick Packs?

Message us today while capacity lasts!

Brand Case Studies


"We had consecutive quality issues and outgrew our manufacturer’s ability to produce at the quality and regulatory standards our retailers needed. We were about to lose opportunities.

CannGoods was on a mission to help brands expand into new, highly regulated retail chains in the EU, but we were having too many challenges with our manufacturer’s quality mistakes. Our journey with other contract manufacturers was marked by frustration over their lack of transparency, questionable trustworthiness, and failure to meet our stringent quality demands. It was clear we needed a partner capable of not just keeping up with our growth but also navigating the complex regulatory landscape.

Enter Steuart. Their approach was a breath of fresh air. Within just a few months of partnering, Steuart not only met our high standards for quality but exceeded them. Their robust quality program and comprehensive certifications empowered us to trust in their manufacturing capabilities fully. This trust was crucial as it laid the foundation for our next leap of growth.

Thanks to Steuart's unwavering support and unmatched expertise, CannGoods has successfully launched brands into major retail chains, including Tesco Europe, known for its high regulatory standards. This partnership has not only enabled us to surpass our previous production constraints but has also driven down costs, lifted quality, and fostered a deep sense of trust in our manufacturing process."

Jerod Martin

CannGoods, Director of Operations

CannGood Brands sold at

The Extreme Ownership Process

We know onboarding a new manufacturer can seem intimidating, but we’re here to carry the load.

Step 1

Discovery / R&D

Simply fill out quote form or email us to schedule discovery call. Then we will define brand goals, perform any R&D and bench top approvals, and develop the plan.

Step 2

Quality Program and Account Onboarding

We create a comprehensive quality program for your specific products, gain quality approvals, and onboard your brand.

Step 3

Production Trial and Scale-up

Every production starts with a trial, either in person or virtual. Once approved we start production scale-up.

Quality is Everything. Don’t Just Take Our Word. Trust them.

Wonder if you are paying too much for production of your stick pack products?

Allow us to provide a no obligations quote for you to compare with your existing pricing. (Don’t worry we won’t keep calling you.)