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It takes forever just to get a reply and when we do it’s unhelpful
Never trust your contract manufacturer
Why are there so many quality issues on new projects?
Bringing on a new manufacturer would be a headache.
I really hope we don’t have more quality issues
Plan on this order taking double the time they said it would.

Bottlenecks are a nightmare. We hate them too. Let's remove them together.

Our Capabilities


1 pharmaceutical grade powder blending line with batch capacity of 500-2500 lbs per batch and 2 automated canister lines perfect for your powder supplement brand.

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When a package is leaking, at best, it can bring the entire order into question, and at worst, it can damage your brand's reputation with your customer & team. Our quality assurance process is at the core of what we do

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Stick Packs

Don’t be forced into one stick pack size. Our fully automated Stick pack lines are tooled with virtually any size stick you could want.

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Brand Case Studies

Beekeeper's Naturals

"We outgrew our first manufacturer and had opportunities and orders coming in that we could not fulfill.

Our brand started with a smaller manufacturer and grew quickly. We were doubling every year and we hit a huge bottleneck with capacity.

We needed a manufacturer who could keep pace with our growth and simplify our supply chain.

We onboarded Steuart in less than 2 months and within the first 6 months they built out a fully automated production line that was able to produce over 3x what we were able to at our previous manufacturer.

Because of this move we were able to bring on new retail partnerships with Target, Walgreens, and more. Not only that we were able to reduce costs, improve quality and we actually trust our manufacturer."

Philip Crouse

Beekeeper’s Naturals

Beekeeper’s Naturals sold at


"We had consecutive quality issues and outgrew our manufacturer’s ability to produce at the quality and regulatory standards our retailers needed. We were about to lose opportunities.

CannGoods was on a mission to help brands expand into new, highly regulated retail chains in the EU, but we were having too many challenges with our manufacturer’s quality mistakes. Our journey with other contract manufacturers was marked by frustration over their lack of transparency, questionable trustworthiness, and failure to meet our stringent quality demands. It was clear we needed a partner capable of not just keeping up with our growth but also navigating the complex regulatory landscape.

Enter Steuart. Their approach was a breath of fresh air. Within just a few months of partnering, Steuart not only met our high standards for quality but exceeded them. Their robust quality program and comprehensive certifications empowered us to trust in their manufacturing capabilities fully. This trust was crucial as it laid the foundation for our next leap of growth.

Thanks to Steuart's unwavering support and unmatched expertise, CannGoods has successfully launched brands into major retail chains, including Tesco Europe, known for its high regulatory standards. This partnership has not only enabled us to surpass our previous production constraints but has also driven down costs, lifted quality, and fostered a deep sense of trust in our manufacturing process."

Jerod Martin

CannGoods, Director of Operations

CannGood Brands sold at


"We were growing through the pandemic and then our manufacturer closed their doors and canceled all of our open POs.

We found out after the manufacturer had shut down their plant. We had not notice to plan for this. We needed a manufacturer fast.

Bellway was growing consistently through the pandemic with our new approach to an old category.Consumers and Retailers were wanting our product but we were concerned we’d have to cancel their orders.

Then we found Steuart. Steuart had us on board and kicked off production to cover three months’ worth of orders, all within a month of the discovery call.

Steuart’s flexibility has been a game-changer for Bellway. Despite the unpredictable supply of ingredients and the constant shifts in opportunity, we’ve kept our retailers stocked and were able to keep our commitments with the larger retail accounts we worked so hard to land."

Tim Shirah


Bellway sold at

How It Works

The Extreme Ownership Process

We know onboarding a new manufacturer can seem intimidating, but we’re here to carry the load.

Step 1

Discovery / R&D

Simply fill out quote form or email us to schedule discovery call. Then we will define brand goals, perform any R&D and bench top approvals, and develop the plan.

Step 2

Quality Program and Account Onboarding

We create a comprehensive quality program for your specific products, gain quality approvals, and onboard your brand.

Step 3

Production Trial and Scale-up

Every production starts with a trial, either in person or virtual. Once approved we start production scale-up.

Quality is Everything. Don’t Just Take Our Word. Trust them.

about Us

Steuart provides manufacturing services for powders, liquids and stick packs to help wellness brands execute growth while reducing waste and uncertainty.

We love working with brands who are innovative, pushing for both growth and excellence, and like to move as fast as we do.

We aren’t a fit for every brand and that’s ok. But we are in high demand and are selective on who we work with.

Also, if you want to learn how we make manufacturing simple. Follow our founder, Ben Steuart, on LinkedIn.

Don't Let Manufacturing Bottleneck Your Growth.