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Powder Supplement Manufacturing

Blending & Filling into Stick Packs, Pouches, & Containers

Powder Supplements

Powder Supplements require a manufacturer with a solid Quality Program, precise batching and blending systems, along with a GMP facility for production and warehousing. To stand out in today's market you need a partner who can help you with formulation using unique value-added ingredients, great flavoring, and the ability to scale production of that amazing concept.

Steuart's team has the facility and experience to help you develop a formula/ refine a formula, purchase and store the raw materials, and produce your product in a consistent, timely manner while fulfilling GMP standards.

Powder Capabilities

16 IBC Blending Vessels (100-2,500 lb batches)- Allows a unique uniform low friction blend with great cross-contamination preventatives.
2 Automated Canister Lines 0-5 lb containers
1 Stand Up Pouch Line perfect for 0-5 lb pouches.
2 High-Speed Stick Pack Lines w/ automated cartoning for sticks of any size range 23-41 MM - Unlike other manufacturers we rely on Equipment built and serviced in the US which provides greater flexibility, run time, and scalability for growing stick pack brands.

Manufacturing for Powder Brands sold At

R&D for powders

In-house R&D team for flavors and new product development - Never pay an outside consultant who doesn’t understand supply chain and manufacturing again. Let our team provide you with a proposal for customized formulas and flavors.

What We Can Produce

Whey Protein Powders
Plant-Based Protein Powders
Greens / Reds Powder
Energy Drink Mix
Immunity Drink Mix
And More!

Don't Let Manufacturing Bottleneck Your Growth.