Our Capabilities

Steuart is your full-service nutraceutical manufacturing facility. We work with you through every step; from product development, manufacturing, and scaling new products - to printing, packaging, and so much more. We are committed to your brand to ensure your success.

What we do

Our Core Capabilities

Quality issues and backorders are major problems for powder supplement brands. We work diligently at every step of the process to ensure quality standards are met and that the product is delivered on time. We can help you formulate and flavor your new idea, blend with our state-of-the-art blending system and package into any format you need whether that's containers, stick packs, or pouches.

Blending & Filling
Stick Packs, Pouches, & Containers
Next-Gen Powder Blending
Formula Testing & Creation

Liquid supplements are convenient for consumers but it can be difficult finding a supplement manufacturer who does this well. When a package is leaking, at best, it can bring the entire order into question, and at worst, it can damage your brand's reputation with your customer & team. Our quality assurance process is at the core of what we do.

Blending & Filling
Cross-Contamination Assurance
Formula Testing & Creation

Our Mission

Stick Pack Filling & Packaging

Looking for a manufacturing partner for your stick pack filling & packaging?
We’re here to help.

Our Specialties

Formulation. Blending. Filling. Stick Packaging


Have a product idea that needs formulation, but can’t seem to determine the right formula? SCP offers formulation services for any liquid commodities and powder supplements.

Blending / Compounding

After your formula is developed you can trust our ability to execute blending your powders or liquid supplements with our state-of-the-art blending system. Rather than shipping bulk powders from one manufacturer to your co-packer, let us handle all of the heavy lifting for you.


No matter what type and size of packaging you need for your blended products, SCP can provide them. Whether you only need to pack a few ounces in sample pouches or gallons of liquid in bottles, we have you covered.


Steuart Contract Packaging can provide you with your custom packaging needs. We can accommodate any type of consistency to your liquid and volume of powder products. We also offer different kinds of closures and sealing. Just let us know what you need and we’ll provide you with the best cost-effective packaging solution for your brand.

Your Brand Deserves a Manufacturing Partner That Scales With You.

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